Black Friday The Start Of The Holiday Madness

Black Friday is always the Friday after Thanksgiving. Thousands of shoppers will flock to stores to get the cheapest deals of the season. In fact, more than 59% of Americans will partake in all night shopping spree in 2014. It is on this day that many stores rely on for the rest of the year. It is mind blowing how one day in the year can outweigh the whole sales season (Saturday following Black Friday through December 26th) by over 3.8 billion dollars ( In the past, stores would wait until about 6 am that Friday to open their stores. However, Walmart, Target, and many other stores have started opening earlier and earlier, now sales start as early as 8pm Thanksgiving day. So put on your sneakers, and grab a sweater, let’s go shopping!

How to Prepare

Preparing for Black Friday is an all year ordeal. For one, it is very wise to bring cash, for small stores, you may be able to talk them down as they rush for the money. However, this is the most common time for people to max out their credit cards that they will pay on all year. It is not intelligent to overbuy just because of a great discount. Go into stores with a set list that you are looking to buy, do not go off of this list. One must also be prepared for the most outrageous road rage as customers try to find parking, or shove their way through stores. Many violent acts have been coming in the recent years, prepare yourself. If someone is threatening you over a product you both want, let them have it. It is not worth being killed over.

So What Is So Special About Black Friday?

The name “Black Friday” was first coined in 1921 in Philadelphia. Since Thanksgiving, is the last holiday before Christmas, Black Friday is considered the start of the Christmas season. In over 24 states, Thanksgiving, and the day after, Black Friday, as official holidays. That being said, with just about everyone in America has an extended weekend, there is no wonder why corporate companies would capitalize on it.

On Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday, consumers can cash in on huge discounts on many of the products their friends and family are requesting for the holidays. Most of the time, you can get many 2 for 1 one deals, or very deep discounts that will be gone after a certain time. This occurrence happens in the very early hours of the morning. Most of the time, families will put away their Thanksgiving dinner, take a nap, and then head out to stand outside the store for hours.